President's Report

George Mason University meets the world’s grand challenges with a grander vision.

George Mason University’s journey to become a top research university can be traced to a simple vision: We focus on the future while never losing sight of who we are and the students we serve. 

The world faces some daunting obstacles, from the realities of climate change, and the urgent need to sustain the health of the human population in both the short and long term, to the dramatic economic changes accelerated by the pandemic, and the very real divisions that result from social inequality.

Recent events have made these challenges plainer than ever—but they also make us even more committed to deliver on our mission and values. We’ve pinpointed four key areas where we will shift the needle: healthy planet, healthy people, healthy economy, and healthy society. 

Our size and location and our rich community of noted thought leaders, researchers, and exceptional students give us a distinct advantage in tackling the challenges ahead of us. By building inroads in these four areas and beyond, Mason will be making a global impact for years to come.

Exterior of Arcadia, a collaborative installation in the Fairfax Campus hydroponic greenhouse using sensors and computer software to translate the natural biorhythms of medicinal and edible plants into a stream of ever-changing music and light.

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Mason’s Grand Vision for Tomorrow

This year has brought about some big challenges for George Mason University that required vision and ingenuity. Far from shrinking from the obstacles, we exceeded expectations, enrolling the largest and most diverse class of students in our history and increasing our total enrollment to 39,000, breaking records with our research expenditures, and holding steady or rising higher in national rankings against our peers. And we’re not slowing down. The next few years promise to be big ones for Mason.

2020 Financials

Mason's FY 2020 Total Revenues (Dollars in Millions): $392.7 Student Tuition and Other E&G Revenue, $190.1 Auxiliary Enterprises, $184.5 State Funds (Restricted/Non-Restricted), $155.9 Grants & Contracts, $14.2 Other, $140.4 Net Other Revenues, Expense, Gains, and Losses (Capital). TOTAL $1,077.8 million, Source: Unaudited 2020
Mason's FY 2020 Total Expenses (Dollars in Millions): $344.2 Instruction, $136.1 Auxiliary Enterprises Program, $112.7 Research, $82.8 Academic Support, $65.6 Depreciation & Amortization, $61.7 Plant Operation & Maintenance, $57.0 Institutional Support, $39.9 Student Aid, $32.8 Student Services, $22.5 Public Service, $18.0 Interest Expense, $3.2 Other Non-Operating Expense, $101.2 Addition to Fund Balances. TOTAL $1,077.8 million, Source: Unaudited 2020
Gifts and Pledges by Purpose( Dollars in Millions) $68,097,971 Research, $27,833,007 Students, $13,541,735 Faculty, $2,269,255 Unrestricted, $1,186,506 Community/Public Service, $597,166 Facilities, $4,573,415 Other. TOTAL $118.1 millions, Source: Unaudited 2020
Gifts and Pledges by Source (Dollars in Millions) $51,281,771 Foundations, $27,212,096 Corporations, $17,353,533 Friends, $8,173,775 Organizations, $6,803,143 Faculty and Staff, $4,572,422 Alumni, $2,693,427 Parents, $8,888 Students. TOTAL $118.1 millions, Source: Unaudited 2020