Mason Talent Exchange

Mason partners with regional employers to provide educational resources targeted at filling needs and creating upskilling opportunities for experienced professionals. 

Employers throughout the region are confronting a shortage of critical skills needed to meet marketplace demands. Many highly-educated professionals and degree holders are finding that they lack the desired skills for re-entering the post-pandemic workforce.

The Mason Talent Exchange (MTE) seeks employers who want to:

  • Contribute to the region's economic vitality
  • Innovate rapid upskilling for experienced talent
  • Hire experienced, degree-holding professionals
  • Support transitioning workers
  • Employ individuals prepared for security clearance 



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How it Works:

Employer Identifies Needs: 

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Employers know what they need to reach their objectives in the new, post-pandemic economy.


What skills, certifications, or critical knowledge does your organization need to succeed?


Mason Aligns

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Mason creates micro-credential (non-credit) programs that are:

  • Fast - most completed in 90 days
  • Low-cost - via Mason presidential scholarships



Employer Provides Career Support:

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Participating employers provide MTE students with resources to help them rejoin the workforce:

  • Resumé review
  • Interviews
  • Experiential learning opportunities
  • Scholarships

Programs available now:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  • Data Analytics
  • Facilities Management
  • Government Contracting
  • IT Networking
  • Paralegal
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management  

Micro-credentials under consideration:

  • Low-code Foundations
  • Pega
  • Service Now
  • Salesforce
  • Appian
  • Robotic Process

Learn more about opportunities for your organization with the Mason Talent Exchange

We would be happy to speak with you about filling critical skill gaps with micro-credential programs built to suit your needs.

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