A message from President Washington on L.T. Services


George Mason University values everyone who works on our campuses, whether they are faculty, classified staff, student employees, or contractors. We hold high standards toward the treatment of everyone.

For the past several months, the university has actively sought resolution of troubling accusations brought forward regarding how employees and/or contractor staff are treated at L.T. Services and its subcontractors, with whom Mason contracts for janitorial services at its 220 buildings throughout Northern Virginia.

The university has conducted an initial review of the complaints. As a result, I have ordered an outside audit of the labor practices of L.T. Services and its subcontractors as they relate to their contract with Mason. The advisory CPA firm Baker Tilly will conduct the audit, and I look forward to learning the results of what I expect will be a thorough, fair, and thoughtful audit.

In order to be fair to all involved, we will not be able to offer any further public comment on findings until the outside audit has concluded.

Gregory Washington, President