Faculty-led events, update on Patriot Plan for Safety


Dear fellow Patriots, 

As part of our commitment to fostering open dialogue and a better understanding of major world events, I am pointing you back to our website for the Patriot Plan for Community Safety and Well-Being, which now lists faculty-led events on campus aimed at helping the community make sense of the ongoing fighting between Israel and Hamas.

I invite you to bookmark this page and look for future announcement from various university officials of events as they are added to the list. University faculty play an indispensable role in times of conflict such as this, providing our community with diverse perspectives, promoting understanding, and encouraging respectful discourse.

The Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, which is holding a series of events, stands as a beacon of academic excellence and commitment to addressing some the world’s most pressing issues. Through innovative research initiatives and practical engagement, the Carter School strives to make a positive impact on the global stage by promoting dialogue, understanding and sustainable solutions to conflicts. 

November 29, 2023 at 3 PM (ET) Virtual Event

Israel-Palestine Conflict: Why are we in a war and how do we go for peace?

Personal reflections by members of the Carter School community facilitated by Richard Rubenstein, Professor Emeritus

November 30, 2023 at 11 AM (ET) Virtual Event

Women and Children as Targets of War

Children and women have long been seen as legitimate targets and have been killed with impunity. In other words, they are seen as legitimate targets not only from the point of view of destroying the group under assault but also assuring that the population of that group will be decimated.

This event, hosted by the Dialogue & Difference Project, shines the light of inquiry on the skyrocketing death tolls of women and children at the hands of Hamas, Israel, and proxy groups within and without the region.

December 7, 2023 at 12 PM- 2 PM (ET) HUB Ballroom, Fairfax Campus

The Gaza Narrative: Between Clinical Analysis and Moral Judgment

The Carter School and its Narrative Transformation Lab is hosting this event, open to the whole Mason community, in which we will use clinical narrative techniques to develop a more comprehensive (if not objective) perspective on the recent events in Gaza.

All university events related to the Israel-Palestine Conflict can be found on the resource page here: https://www.gmu.edu/about/integrity-and-standards/community-plan

To register or find more events hosted by the Carter School,  https://carterschool.gmu.edu/carter-school-events-israel-palestine-conflict



Gregory Washington